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Vision and Values

Our Purpose – ‘To forever change safety in the world…One experience at a time’’
Our Values –  ‘Be Memorable’, Thirst for Improvement, Passion for Safety, Commitment to our team and clients

Welcome to Australia’s leading provider of Emergency Response Services and Emergency Response & Safety Training. With a range of Emergency Services Officers and Emergency Response/Safety trainers employed across the country, we have well over 400+ years of emergency services experience within our company.

All actions of our company are based on our vision for the future and the core values that we live by.

Our Vision

FSA is a growing company with a big vision. Here is our 2020 vision for FSA!

Fire and Safety Australia 2020 Vision

All of our business decisions at FSA are driven by our 2020 vision and what we want our company to become.

Our Values

Fire and Safety Australia Vision 2020

All of our recruitment, selection and people decisions at FSA are driven by our 4 core values. These are the core values that define who we hire and how we work.

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