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Emergency Response for Large Mines, High Risk Sites & Remote Locations

FSA has been supplying Emergency Services Officers (ESO’s) for the past 5 years to various mines and high risk sites throughout Australia. FSA has ISO9001-2008 Quality Accreditation for the supply and management of Emergency Services Officers. FSA has over 22 full-time employees across Australia employed in this role or capable of performing these roles. Our senior management team works with individual mine sites and clients to conduct an emergency services site analysis to determine the personnel, equipment and capability required for each site.

Available for long term contracts and short term ‘relief’ our company has both the experience and capability to work with your company.

Our organisation provided in excess of 3,000 ESO & Safety Officer shifts in 2012 to organisations such as:

  • Jellinbah Mining
  • Cristal Mining
  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore (through Global Security Management)
  • Rio Tinto Coal
  • Ramu Nico Mining (Papua New Guinea)
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore (through Global Security Management)
  • Middlemount Coal
  • Mcdermott Australia
  • Shell Australia
  • Tru Energy – Yallourn Power Station
  • NT Power & Water
  • Workboats Australia

We provide Emergency Services Officers Australia Wide

FSA has an Emergency Services Officer Operations manual that specifies the roles and responsibilities for our ESO’s whilst performing emergency response work at a client’s workplace, upon application this manual is available for review and comment as required.

To ensure that FSA protects its Emergency Services Officers and the sites that we work on, we have written and enforced safety procedures that cover:

  • Emergency Prevention (Pre-Incident Planning, Risk Assessments and Site Knowledge)
    Emergency Services Officers

    Emergency Services Officers in action at a clients mine site

  • Emergency Preparation (Internal and External Training for ESO’s, Training of site personnel, conducting toolbox talks, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, Inspecting Emergency and Safety Equipment and conducting regular inspections of the effectiveness of our procedures)
  • Emergency Response (Fire/Rescue Response) – (Standard Operating Procedures for key emergencies that may be encountered for Fire/Rescue Emergencies)
  • Emergency Recovery (De-briefings, Revising Plans and Policies, Critical Incident Stress Management)


FSA’s Emergency Services Officers are capable of performing the following tasks:

  • Vertical Rescue  Response
  • Confined Space Rescue Response
  • Medical Support / Response with a minimum of Occupational First Aid (Many have Cert IV or Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedical Qualifications)
  • First Response Fire fighting
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Road Accident Rescue Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Technical Rescue Response
  • Bushfire Prevention / Fire fighting
  • Pump Operation & Emergency Vehicle Driving
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Training of your personnel in our RTO scope of registration
  • Completing risk assessments and permits to work
  • Conducting Safety walks
  • Writing emergency response procedures
  • Scheduling, planning and running ERT Training drills and training sessions (NOTE: We are an RTO with national registration. We can over time put your personnel through qualifications related to ESO requirements and other courses such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Warden, Work at Heights, Confined Space and many other courses on our scope of registration)
  • Act as your Fire Safety Advisor and/or WHSO and/or sit on the safety committee as a subject matter expert
    Emergency Services Officers

    Emergency Services Officers participating in exercises

  • Under Risk Assessments, Rescue Plans (confined space rescue plans, height safety rescue plans etc)
  • Complete toolbox talks for production personnel
  • Audit and service: Emergency Response Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Fire Equipment etc
  • Assist operation in a control/radio room
  • Conduct emergency planning
  • Drive around the mine as a ‘safety observer’ and monitor compliance
  • Completion of First Aid, ERT, Shift Reports
  • Act as the Occupational First Aider
  • Assist your mine with Safety, Fire and Emergency Management compliance on a day to day level
  • Testing and Tagging and performing inspections of Fire, Safety, Rescue and similar equipment


We are a very versatile provider of Emergency Services Officers due to our strong national experience in working with some of Australias largest mine sites in remote locations.

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