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Fire and Safety Australia (FSA) has been operating as a provider of emergency response services and emergency response training to the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries throughout Australasia since 2007. During this time we have grown to a company with a national presence and over 90+ professional team members directly employed. We have an excellent reputation for emergency response sub-contract delivery, safety performance (no Lost Time Injuries in our company history), recruiting and selecting the right emergency response team members, and offering value added services to our clients.
We are a specialised provider of outsourced emergency response personnel and we seek to partner with our clients for long term results to achieve a shared emergency response vision. Our company has held ISO9001-2008 Quality Accreditation for the supply and management of Emergency Services Officers for more than 4 years.

ISO 9001 quality management systems accreditationOur offering to the industry is unique in that in addition to offering professional and highly qualified emergency response personnel, our personnel also offer additional value added services.
FSA has the vision of being Australia’s largest and most professional provider of emergency response services within Australasia. To achieve this, we must recruit, select, retain and up-skill the right team members

Emergency Services Case Studies

Emergency Services Experience

Emergency Services Plan

FSA’s current and previous Oil & Gas and Mining emergency services sub-contract experience includes:

  • Emergency Services Officers to Bechtel Australia (Wheatstone LNG construction project)
  • Emergency Services Officers to JKC LNG Australia (Ichthys LNG construction project)
  • Safety Advisors/ Trainers to McDermott Australia (Tuna Turrum construction project)
  • Emergency Services Officers to Jellinbah Mining (Open Cut Coal Mining)
  • Emergency Services Coordinator to Ramu Nico Mining (Gold Mine Papua New Guinea)
  • Emergency Services Coordinator to Cristal Mining (South West NSW)
  • ESO/Safety Advisors to Rio Tinto
  • Emergency Services Officers to Shell Australia (Downstream)

A systematic approach to Emergency Response Contract Mobilisation anemergency-services-chartd Contract execution:

FSA has current and previous experience in mobilising significant numbers of Emergency Response personnel to large scale Oil & Gas and Mining projects throughout Australasia. We use a systematic approach that covers all areas of contract risk.

Explanation of our Structured Approach to contract management

Mobilisation Plan – This covers our mobilisation to site to reach our contracted requirements to meet contractor standards.

Contract Specific HSES Management Plan –This covers all contract specific HSES requirements

Contract Specific Employee Relations Management Plan –This covers all contract specific employee relations requirements.

Contract Specific Quality Management Plan – This covers all contract specific Quality requirements.

Contract Communication Plan: Contractor, FSA ESO’s & Sub-contractors – This covers how we will communicate with the contractor, internal FSA ESO staff and other project sub-contractors.

Contract Specific Emergency Response Operations Manual – This covers how we will respond to internal emergencies amongst our contract personnel and how we integrate our emergency response capability with the contractor’s site.

Successful contract execution – Emergency Planning, Preparedness, Response & Recovery

FSA has experience in utilising our structured approach to contract mobilisation and contract execution. Our industry case studies show examples of where we have utilised this exact model of service delivery to the satisfaction of our customers.

The current involvement of FSA’s key management team in managing emergency response sub-contracts for JKC Australia LNG & Bechtel Australia LNG gives FSA real and current experience in emergency response mobilisation and contract management for emergency response services in the Oil and Gas industries across Australia.Emergency Services

The FSA Differentiation in the provision of Emergency Services Officers:

  • FSA recruits and retains all personnel in line with our 4 core values and our emergency response ethos. We have a very strong senior leadership emergency response ethos. Our most senior personnel are experts in emergency response within the Oil & Gas operating facilities, LNG Construction projects and similar mining and manufacturing environments. This creates outstanding customer experiences for emergency response services.
  • Our recruitment and selection is the toughest in the industry, meaning that we only recruit and select the very best emergency services personnel. We put our personnel through the selection process outlined here (XXXX)
  • For every project we utilize our existing FSA Emergency Response Services manual that specifies how we respond to on-site emergencies and we tailor this directly to the site requirements
  • Our ESO’s conduct emergency response and safety training to add value to our clients through our RTO:22250
  • In 2015-2016 FSA shall complete more than 100,000 person hours of on-site emergency services at Oil & Gas and Mining clients Australia wide
  • To date we have conducted more than 150,000 hours of on-site emergency services with ZERO Lost Time Injuries (LTI’s)
  • We have a national capability with offices and personnel in every State/Territory of Australia
  • Our personnel have LNG Emergency Response experience

FSA senior management personnel have vast experience in writing and implementing emergency response services Procedures/ Manuals/ Documentation to support our emergency services personnel

FSA has an Emergency Response Operations manual that specifies the roles and responsibilities for our Fire & Rescue Staff whilst performing emergency response work at a client’s workplace. An emergency response Manual for a sub-contracted emergency response service should include:

 Daily FSA ESO shift activities and work tasks:
  • Supervisor – Writes a daily plan outlining key work tasks to complete and ensures that daily compliance work requirements are completed
  • Preventing on-site emergencies through hazard identification, risk assessment and a walk around.
  • Preparing for on-site emergencies by conducting training, liaising with both internal and external emergency services officers/Fire & Rescue Staff, equipment inspections, emergency planning and emergency briefings.
  • Responding to on-site emergencies by applying knowledge, skills and procedures to the incident type to protect life, property and the environment.
  • Recovering from on-site emergencies by conducting de-briefings, revising emergency plans, completing incident reports and ensuring that procedures and policies are changed to better reflect the organisational requirements.

The ESO role can potentially be hazardous to our personnel as personnel may be working in a potentially dangerous environment in order to protect life, property and the environment.

Emergency Recovery Training

To ensure that FSA protects our ESO Staff we have written and enforced safety procedures that cover:

  • Emergency Prevention – Pre-Incident Planning, Risk Assessments and Site Knowledge
  • Emergency Preparation – Internal and External Training for Fire & Rescue Staff. Training of site personnel, conducting toolbox talks, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, inspecting Emergency & Safety Equipment and conducting regular inspections of the effectiveness of our procedures.
  • Emergency Response – Standard Operating Procedures for key emergencies that may be encountered (we normally tailor our existing emergency response operations manuals)
  • Emergency Recovery – De-briefings, Revising Plans and Policies, Critical Incident Stress Management

During each shift where operational conditions allow;, Fire & Rescue Staff should spend at least one hour training for emergency prevention activities and at least 1 hour on emergency preparation activities.

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO: 22250)

 FSA has been an RTO for almost 6 years. Our core business is the provision of emergency response and safety training. We have a national network of training personnel whom work under our strict RTO governance, procedures and standards. Our core business is the provision of emergency response and safety training.

In October 2014 we underwent a 5 yearly audit and were recently granted a 5 year extension to our RTO status with our RTO certification extended until December 2019 which demonstrates our strict adherence to the ASQA standards and RTO registration.

FSA has over 60 units of competency and over 5 qualifications that we can deliver for the contractor during this project. In up-skilling and developing your on-site ERT we can provide them with a full Cert III Mines Rescue and/or Cert III Public Safety training program.

In 2014 we trained over 36,000 personnel compared to training 30,000 personnel during 2013. We have an RTO/Compliance Manager on our team and tried and tested compliance systems in place and have had such for over 7 ½ years of being an RTO or partnering with an RTO. We do not sub-contract our RTO accreditation so therefore there is NIL risk for our emergency services clients as emergency response and safety training is core business to FSA.

An engagement of FSA’s ESO’s may include responsibility on-site at an Oil & Gas or Mining location for FSA to assume accountability and responsibility for:

  • Vertical Rescue  Response
  • Confined Space Rescue Response
  • Medical Support / Response with a minimum of Occupational First Aid (Many have Cert IV EMT or a Diploma in Paramedical Science)
  • First Response Fire fighting
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Road Accident Rescue Response
  • Emergency Response
  • Technical Rescue Response
  • Bushfire Prevention / Fire fighting
  • Pump Operation & Emergency Vehicle Driving
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Complete emergency response exercises and Incident Management exercises
  • Completing risk assessments and permits to work
  • Conducting Safety walks
  • Writing emergency response procedures
  • Scheduling, planning and running ERT Training drills and training sessions (NOTE: We are an RTO with national registration RTO: 22250. We can over time put your personnel through qualifications related to ESO requirements and other courses such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Warden, Provide First Aid, Work at Heights, Confined Space and all other training courses on our scope of registration)
  • Act as your Fire Safety Advisor
  • Under Risk Assessments, Rescue Plans (confined space rescue plans, height safety rescue plans etc.)
  • Complete toolbox talks for production personnel in emergency response and safety
  • Audit, inspect and maintain: Emergency Response Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Fire Equipment etc.

ESO Back-up and Surge Capacity

FSA currently has a fulltime ESO/Trainer capacity of approximately 90 permanent and casual personnel across Australia, with a people pipeline of a further 290 personnel who are within FSA’s central database. This puts FSA at the advantage of having a strong surge capacity if our clients require additional resources to be deployed at short notice.

If FSA were to lose personnel on-site through resignation or termination, this gives FSA a generous back-up capacity to ensure that we meet our contractual requirements. FSA therefore will have the 6 additional personnel will be ready to mobilise (and will have completed training) within 90 days of mobilisation. These personnel are all currently working with FSA as ESO’s or Senior Trainers and they all have completed our induction, OH&S and ESO operational requirements.

FSA also has the following vehicles and equipment that can be on-site if required by the contractor to replace unserviceable or damaged vehicles, or if project works require additional vehicles. These can be mobilised to site within 48 hours of a request as a contingency plan for the contract:

  • 1400L fire pumper with high pressure multi-stage Rosenbauer pump.
  • 2000L fire pumper with high pressure multi-stage Darley pump.
  • Quick Attack, 700L water capacity grass fire unit with storage lockers.
  • Rescue vehicle with storage lockers for Road crash rescue, vertical rescue, medical response etc.
  • 5 x Vertical Rescue Access/Rigging/Rescue kits.
  • 5 x Confined Space Rescue kits.
  • 30 x SCBA sets and cylinders.
  • 40 sets of Fire-fighter structural Personal Protective Equipment and gear.
  • Access to a 4WD Ambulance

We are a very versatile provider of Emergency Services Officers due to our strong national experience in working with some of Australia’s largest Oil & Gas construction projects and mine sites in remote locations.

To obtain a quotation or speak to one of our emergency response contract managers, please call 1300 88 55 30 or submit an online enquiry and speak to National Sales Manager Caroline Underwood, or CEO Steve McLeod.

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