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Does your workplace complete annual evacuation drills as required under Australian Standard 3745-2010?

How would your personnel react during an emergency evacuation at your workplace?

Fire & Safety Australia can visit your workplace to supervise and run evacuation drills to test your emergency response procedures and to meet your requirements under AS3745-2010.

We can supervise an evacuation drill that is customised to the specific requirements of your organisation and meet all requirements under AS/NZS 3745-2010 and meet the requirements of all state specific legislation such as OH&S Regulations and the QLD Fire Safety Regulations.

Currently we have completed this work for many large clients across Australia. Our professional consultants will visit your workplace and develop Fire & Emergency Evacuation and Response procedures directly to your needs.

Our on-site evacuation drills normally run as per the following timetable.

  • Arrive 30-60 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the evacuation drill
  • Plan evacuation drill with key client staff and give them a timeline for the exercise
  • Conduct the evacuation drill: This includes setting off fire alarms, utilising evacuation points and completing FSA’s Evacuation Drill report forms
  • Undertake a de-brief with all building occupants for approximately 5 minutes
  • Undertake a de-brief with all Wardens and Chief Wardens for approximately 15 minutes focusing on performance and areas for improvement
  • Conduct a 30 minute Fire Warden Refresher Training session for all Wardens to further improve
  • Issue a written FSA Evacuation Drill Report to the client’s responsible person within 48 hours

Our personnel are off site within 3 hours from setup to clean up.

Need some advice on what is required?

Call us on 1300 88 55 30 today or email to talk to an expert and arrange an on-site evacuation exercise at your workplace.