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Fire Safety Advisor Consultancy

Fire & Safety Australia currently acts in the Fire Safety Advisor role for many of large Australian companies.

A Fire Safety Advisor is required in all buildings listed in the QLD Building Fire Safety Regulations*.

The Fire Safety Adviser has a responsibility to:

  • be familiar with all aspects of building fire safety;
  • provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate emergency planning has taken place; and
  • provide advice to the occupier to ensure that appropriate instruction is carried out at the prescribed times and intervals.

Fire and Safety Australia can act as the Fire Safety Advisor under the QLD Fire Regulations as required on an annual contract. Generally this means that we come on-site at least once per year (and if any issues arise).


Normally our work on-site includes:

  • A Comprehensive Fire Audit of the building, Egress Paths, Assembly Points etc
  • A review of the Fire & Emergency Procedures of the building
  • A full evacuation drill of the building including a ½ hour de-brief and ½ hour training session with Fire Wardens (Including a written evacuation drill report following the drill) A meeting of the Emergency Planning Committee if required (recommended annually)
  • Completing Fire Risk Assessments as required (based on workplace requirements)
  • Ensuring that Warden equipment is available and located correctly
  • Ensure Warden Lists and Emergency Personnel listings are up to date
  • Being available to senior management to discuss any fire safety concerns.
  • Being available day to day (outside these times) to client management and the QFRS if required to discuss emergency procedures over the telephone.

NOTE: If audit findings are positive, normally only one day per year is required. If areas of deficiency are found (procedures, evacuation maps etc then a further day may be required).

If you want to have your own personnel also trained up to act as your Fire Safety Advisor, view our fire warden public courses or contact us via the form above for a custom-designed solution.

*High Occupancy Building – 30 or more employees, a Class 2 or 3 building that is more than 25m in height, a Class 4 building and an at risk licensed premises as nominated by the Commissioner.