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Experts in Mining Industry Safety

ISO 9001 quality management systems accreditationFire Safety Australia has been a supplier to the mining industry since 2007. Our experience includes working with open cut mines, underground mines, mining contractors, quarries and mining construction projects. Our company has held ISO9001-2008 Quality Accreditation for emergency response and mines rescue training for more than 4 years.

FSA trainers often adjudicate mines rescue competitions across Australia, assessing and mentor mines rescue teams during these challenging competitions.

Our offering to the industry is unique in that our personnel conduct mines rescue training and we also supply mines rescue emergency services officers.

Money Back GuaranteeAll of our mining and mines rescue training is fully covered by our 100% No questions asked Money Back Guarantee! (We are the only Australian RTO to offer this)

We Work With Major Mining Corporations

  • ERA Rio Tinto
  • Jellinbah Mine
  • Cristal Mining
  • Crocodile Gold
  • Cement Australia
  • HWE
  • SCEE

Mining Industry Case Studies


Mining Industry Training Course Programs

FSA offer many training programs suited to the Mining industry which include:

  • Mines Rescue Training
  • Open Circuit Breathing Apparatus
    Emergency Services Officers

    Emergency Services Officers in action at a client’s mine site

  • Conduct Fire Team Operations
  • HAZMAT Response
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Vertical Rescue
  • Road Accident Rescue
  • Emergency Vehicle Driving
  • Occupational First Aid Training
  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Height Safety Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Warden/Chief Warden Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Dogging
  • EWP
  • Forklift

Sample Bespoke Training Plan

See an example of a custom-designed training plan for a corporate client – Cert III Mine Emergency Response & Rescue Course Outline

Safety Services for the Mining Industry

FSA has been tailoring our emergency response services and training services to the mining industry in consultation with major mines throughout Australia providing valuable validation services to FSA.

FSA has worked with many subcontractors to the mining industry and FSA’s senior managers have extensive experience in managing Emergency Response Services. FSA sub-contracts within the mining industry, as well as direct personal experience.

  • Emergency Services Officers
  • Shutdown emergency response standby/rescue personnel
  • Site specific Emergency Response Training (Fire team operations, confined space rescue, vertical rescue, road crash rescue)
  • Outsourced safety/emergency response trainers (onshore and offshore)
  • Site specific Safety Training (Confined space Entry, Work safely at height, Issue work permits, Risk Assessment, Gas Detection, Inductions)
  • Site specific High Risk Training (Forklift, EWP, Dogging)
  • Co-Provider/MOU- training delivery with client trainers through our RTO scope of registration
  • Consulting (Emergency Management Plans, Emergency response tactical plans, Confined space determination, Fire & Safety consulting)
  • Safety Advisors/Safety Officers

Why Mining Companies Partner with Fire Safety Australia

Our work has seen more than 30 current FSA employees involved in the delivery of mining emergency response services, and the provision of emergency response and safety training, to the mining industry across Australia.

Our reputation within the industry has grown by building a reputation for employing the best people within the industry, and by providing excellent client service.

  • 90+ staff nationally (more than 40 staff have direct experience in Mines Rescue or Mines emergency response and safety)
  • ISO9001-2008 certified Quality management system
  • A comprehensive safety management system

To obtain a quotation for mines rescue and mining training courses and services, please call 1300 88 55 30, or submit an online enquiry form below to speak with one of our consultants or senior personnel.

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