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Fire and Safety Acquires Blackwoods Training & NSCA announcement

We are proud to announce that as of 2 October 2017, Fire and Safety Australia (FSA) acquired Blackwoods Training (previously Protector Alsafe), including the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), one of Australia’s oldest and most established safety training businesses.

This involved transitioning approximately 47 employees, several training facilities and multiple training assets to Fire & Safety Australia. As part of this acquisition, FSA now offer an expanded range of training services to you our important existing clients, and we have extended our network of training centres across Australia.

There are no planned changes to how you do business with us, FSA is led by the same team with an expanded training course range. You will benefit from access to a larger scope of training courses as part of this acquisition.

Both Blackwoods Training and the NSCA businesses have strong brands within the Australian market, training more than 10,000 students, with a team of employees across all States and Territories of Australia.

These businesses offer a similar scope of training to FSA, but they also bring the added value of Health and Safety Representative training, online Cert IV WH&S and Diploma WH&S training, and other WH&S related training courses.

We expect that your experience will only increase from the current levels of service, with the added people and infrastructure that we have acquired. We now provide a larger training course offering that compliments our existing training course offering, from one of Australia’s oldest and most established safety training businesses, the NSCA.

Company name & brand changes

Fire and Safety Australia Pty Ltd continues as the company that you work with, following completion of the acquisition of Blackwoods Training and the NSCA on 2 October 2017. You will work with the same company and people that you are now, and you will be supported by a larger national team of 150+ employees.

For our newly acquired business, the Blackwoods Training logo and name will not be used after the completion date. The Fire and Safety Australia (FSA) and the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) logo and brand name will be used following the transaction.

Fire and Safety Australia will be the company that all clients transact through, whereas the NSCA brand will continue to be used as the brand for our now expanded Workplace Health and Safety training course range.

Additional training courses available to FSA existing clients

The NSCA business brings with it 47 employees, the systems, processes, knowledge and experience required to teach these courses nationally across all States and Territories of Australia.

The additional scope of training courses that are now available to FSA clients nationally as part of this acquisition include, but are not limited to:

• Cert IV Workplace Health & Safety (Distance and Face to Face)
• Diploma Workplace Health & Safety (Distance and Face to Face)
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training Comcare (national)
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training VIC
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training NSW
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training QLD
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training SA
• Health and Safety Representative (HSR) Training NT
• Driver Training
• WH&S Auditor Training
• Various other WH&S Management Courses

NOTE: We can take bookings and enquiries related to course bookings for the above National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) training course bookings for training dates on or following the 2nd October 2017.

Our locations

We have grown our number of training centres and full-time personnel in the following locations:

New Fire & Safety Australia locations map 2017

We have specialist team members who can talk with you about any of our new or existing training course range that you may require.

Our purpose and core values

FSA has an established company purpose. This is our ‘why’, the reason that FSA was founded and the reason that we continue to exist. This describes the difference we want to make in the world. Our core purpose is:

‘To forever change safety in the world…One experience at a time’

Our 4 core values are:

• Thirst for improvement
• Passion for safety
• Commitment to our team and clients
• ‘Be memorable’

Key Fire and Safety Australia Facts

• Fire and Safety Australia has been in business for over 10 years since July 2007.

• From October we will have a combined national team of more than 150+ employees across all States and Territories in Australia which adds to our ability to serve you and your business.

• We work across all industries and sectors to provide emergency response and safety training, and emergency response and safety services.

• We train more than 40,000 learners per year across Australia, which is expected to grow to over 50,000 learners over the next 12 months as a result of this acquisition.

• We have: RTO Accreditation (22250), ISO9001 Quality Accreditation, Global Wind Organisation (GWO) accreditation, and extensive WH&S and Environmental Safety systems in place – run by our full-time compliance and HSE team.

• We provide more than 8,000 annual person days of contracted Emergency Response Services, Paramedic Services, and Safety Officer Services. We have more than 60+ employees in these roles at various contracts and major projects throughout Australia (such as the Inpex LNG construction Project, Wheatstone LNG construction project, and many more).


On behalf of FSA I want to assure you, that you will continue to experience a high level of service from Fire and Safety Australia following the acquisition. As a result of this acquisition, you will be serviced by a larger team of employees (150+), a larger network of training centres across Australia, a larger scope of training services available, and a strong partner to work with you and your organisation well into the future. We offer you an expanded training course range, so that you have the opportunity to further consolidate your training services nationally.

Please speak to your FSA account manager, or ring the FSA training team on 1300 88 55 30, or email us with any bookings or enquiries about our new training course range. We hope to have public course calendars out for all new training courses in the next few weeks.

The Fire and Safety Australia CEO and National Sales Manager will also be directly involved in this acquisition and be working with our new customers during the transition:

Caroline Underwood
National Sales Manager
Fire and Safety Australia
M +61 0437 115 466
to forever change safety in the world…one experience at a time

Tony Metcalf
Chief Executive Officer
Fire and Safety Australia
M +61 0418 532 377


Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Fire & Safety Australia for all of your safety training and safety consultancy requirements:

1. Money back guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the quality and professionalism of our corporate training courses, we will send another trainer FREE OF CHARGE or REFUND YOUR MONEY IN FULL. No questions asked, no hidden conditions – We are the only Fire/Safety/Rescue Training Registered Training Organisation in Australia to offer this!

Our training personnel have over 400+ years of emergency services and safety experience. We stand behind our training delivery, excellent training materials and we promise to deliver passionate and professional training courses or your money back.

2. RTO accreditation and ISO9001:2015 quality accreditation

All of our training courses are nationally recognised through the Australian Qualifications Training Framework and are recognised in all States and Territories of Australia. We are a Registered Training Organisation (RT0:22250) that has government authority to deliver accredited training. We hold independently audited ISO9001-2015 Quality Management Certification. Our certification is audited externally each year to the international quality management standards.

3. Our experience

All of our trainers are former fire-fighters, emergency services workers or safety professionals. Our personnel have all ‘been there and done that’ and can relate their decades of experience to your classes in an enthusiastic and professional manner. In 2016 we trained over 39,000 people across every State and Territory in Australia and we are on target to train over 50,000 people in 2017!

4. We always put our clients first and we give our clients flexible training options

Our team puts the interests and needs of our clients first in everything that we do. Often we fly our personnel around Australia to meet the needs of our clients at short notice. We will take the time to learn your organisation, your safety procedures and your equipment. We will tailor our training delivery directly to your requirements. We can deliver training at your site (and bring an extensive range of equipment with us).

5. We deliver what we say we will

We provide first class customer experiences every time. Our team will put your requirements first and deliver what we say we will. Our friendly administration team will take the hassle out of booking training and process all paperwork in a timely fashion. We deliver first class training, provide first class customer service and we are committed to putting your needs first every time you deal with us.

We currently work with some of Australia’s largest organisations as well as many of small businesses. Our company will deliver what we say we will and we will help your workplace become a safer workplace.