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Comparison Table - Confined Space Training Courses

Can't decide which course to take? Use the following table to determine the confined space training course that you should complete, based on the confined space duties that you need to perform in your confined space work.

‘X’- indicates that the course in the column covers certification of the confined space duties, as outlined with nationally recognised units of competency.
Confined Space DutiesConfined Space Entry Course 1 DayConfined Space Entry Course 2 Days Including CPRConfined Space Entry Course 3 Days including Breathing ApparatusConfined Space RefresherConfined Space Rescue Course (Including Breathing Apparatus)
Pre-requisitesNILNILNILPreviously completed confined space entry course within 2 yearsRecommended that the Confined Space Entry 2 Day course is completed prior.

Undertake Confined Space Identification XXXX
Confined Space Hazard IdentificationXXXX
Understanding Confined Space Legislation & StandardsXXXX
Undertake Confined Space Risk AssessmentXXXX
Roles & Responsibilities of Supervisors and employeesXXXX
Work under an issued Confined Space Entry permitXXXX
Lock-out, Tag-out & 
Confined Space Control MeasuresXXXX
Confined Space Entry Safety ProceduresXXXX
Confined Space Entry PracticalsXXXX
Writing a Confined Space Rescue PlanXXX
Certification in Gas Detector usageXXX
Certification to Issue Confined Space Entry PermitsXXX
Undertake CPRXXXX
Confined Space Rescue IntroductionXXXX
Certification in the usage of Breathing Apparatus (MSA Training Package)XLonger duration course available on request
Certification in the usage of Breathing Apparatus (PUA Training Package)X
Confined Space Rescue – Stretchers & RiggingX
Confined Space Rescue 
Confined Space Rescue Haulage/Lowering SystemsX
Confined Space Rescue Team OperationsX
Confined Space Rescue – Patient Packaging & Patient TreatmentX
Confined Space Rescue - Practical ScenariosX
Certification in Confined Space RescueX