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Confined Space Rescue Training

Nationally Recognised Course Codes:

  • PUASAR025A Undertake Confined Space RescueRTO Nationally Recognised Training
  • PUASAR002A Participate in a Rescue Operation
  • PUAFIR316 Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident
  • PUAFIR207B Operate Breathing Apparatus
  • PUAEME001B Provide Emergency Care
  • PUAFIR215 Prevent Injury

Course Overview

Our confined space rescue training course is designed to teach learners how to determine what hazards may exist within a confined space, how to put into place a confined space rescue plan and how to carry out a confined space rescue, in accordance with confined space regulations and standards. The confined space rescue training course is designed to thoroughly prepare learners how to safely complete confined space rescues in potentially hazardous environments.

Course Outline

Confined Space Rescue Training is provided to organisations where personnel may be required to rescue other personnel from inside confined spaces. This course aims to cover all of the confined space rescue information and skills necessary to ensure participants are able to confidently and safely initiate:

  • a confined space rescue response
  • emergency care to casualties during the rescue
  • the operation of breathing apparatus during a confined space rescue

This level of first aid training can be accessed by individuals and employee groups that:

  • need to achieve a level of confined space rescue training as part of their occupational requirements,
  • would like to learn more about vertical rescue
  • may be in a position that could see them come across confined space accidents/incidents,
  • wish to learn confined space rescue skills for pre-employment purposes, and
  • are interested in helping to promote confined space rescue in the community.


This qualification forms the pre-entry standard for many ‘mines rescue’ or firefighter training courses.

To maintain proficiency and current competence at this level revalidation is recommended every year,

  • PUASAR025A Undertake Confined Space Rescue

Pre-Requisite Modules:

  • PUASAR001B Participate in Rescue Operation
  • (Pre-Requisite Modules: PUAEME001B Provide Emergency Care {Pre-Requisite: PUAFIR201B Prevent Injury} & PUATEA002B Work Autonomously ) (Pre-Requisite: PUATEA001B Work in a team)

Co-Requisite Module:

  • PUAFIR307B Monitor Hazardous Atmospheres (Pre-Requisite:PUAFIR207B Operate breathing Apparatus) Co-Requisite: PUATEA001B Work in a Team.
  • PUAFIR207B Operate Breathing Apparatus (Pre-Requisite: PUAFIR201B Prevent Injury {Co-Requisite PUATEA001B Work in a Team)

Course Content

  • Identifying Confined Spaces
  • Hazard Identification
  • Australian Standards & Relevant Legislation explained
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Mgt & Employees
  • Case studies
  • Risk Assessments & Hierarchy of Hazard Controls
  • Confined Space Work Permits & Entry Procedures
  • Worksite Policy & Procedures
  • Lockout & tag out methods of isolation
  • Atmospheric Monitoring and Gas Detection
  • Tripods, VED’s & Rescue Equipment
  • Confined Space Rescue scenarios
  • Practical Rescue Scenarios from Confined Spaces
  • Self Rescue from Confined Spaces
  • Operation of Breathing Apparatus

Training Day

Due to the nature of practical exercises skirts, dresses or long flowing garments are not considered appropriate.


All delivery takes place in the RTO’s training centre or in a suitable negotiated location. This training is delivered face-to-face over 3 days (24 hours group size depending).

If no suitable confined space rescue areas exist on-site we have practical confined space rescue training facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. If you prefer on-site training we can bring one of our 4 confined space rescue training trailers onto your site and train your personnel.

This confined space rescue training trailer (pictured below) ensures that all course participants are able to undergo practical confined space entry activities in a realistic and safe environment. Our trailer is over

Confined Space Rescue Trailer from Fire and Safety Australia

Confined Space Rescue Training on-site

4.0m long and 2.0m high and can be taken anywhere in Australia. In fact we have 4 trailers across WA, NSW, SA & QLD that can be used for various confined space training courses. This trailer is used to replicate realistic confined space training and confined space rescue scenarios.


The course is around 60% Practical and 40% theory. Practical confined space rescue skills are an extremely important part of the course and of the skillset of emergency response team members. Many participants comment that our course is better than other training companies because of our emphasis on practical confined space rescue training scenarios. Throughout the course participants must demonstrate competency during a series of practical skills evaluation and verbal assessments which include the following:

1. Observation and practical assessment

2. Questioning

3. Scenario-problem solving

4. Attendance at all lessons

Supplementary assessments are available should the minimum achievement not be reached at the first attempt.

The opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning/Current Competencies is available to any candidate who feels that they may have developed some/all of the competencies in the course through previous study or work experience. RPL/RCC is to be discussed with the RTO prior to course commencement.


Our confined space rescue training course lasts for 3 days and will teach your personnel how to rescue personnel from confined spaces in accordance with OHS Regulations and Australian Standard 2865-2009. This confined space rescue training course also includes a breathing apparatus training module so that learners understand how to rescue a person from a hazardous atmosphere within a confined space whilst remaining safe.

Why choose Fire & Safety Australia

In 2012 we trained well over 4,000 people in confined space training. We have several large national contracts with clients to complete confined space training for hundreds of organisations each year. Details of some of our current clients appear to the right.

During the confined space rescue training courses we cover both the theory and practical sides to perform confined space rescues. Confined space rescue training courses are only conducted by experienced emergency services and industry personnel who are fully competent in the usage of confined space equipment and in undertaking confined spaces rescues in a variety of situations.

Our confined space rescue training  courses are nationally recognised training courses and are taught through the Manufacturing Training Package and the Resources and Infastructure Training Package. Learners whom are assessed competent will receive a statement of attainment in the relevant units of competency.

We currently teach some of Australia’s largest companies Confined Space Rescue Training throughout Australia including organisation like Cement Australia, Alcoa, Snowy Hydro Power Stations, Newport Power Station, Virgin Tech, CSR, James Hardie and many more.

Customized Corporate Courses

Prior to your confined space rescue training course occurring, we will request a copy of your confined space rescue training policies, confined space rescue procedures, confined space safety procedures and confined space rescue plans. By having a copy of your confined space rescue procedures and plans before we conduct the confined space training, our trainers are able to customize and tailor the confined space training course directly to your requirements.

We provide on-site confined space rescue training and breathing apparatus training courses at your workplace (normally for 4+ personnel) and we also provide regular confined space rescue training (public/open) courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Sydney and Perth (Refer to our public course dates for upcoming courses) 

Related Courses

Along with confined space rescue training, Fire and Safety Australia offers several other courses that may be combined with this course to save money.

The courses that are most useful in addition to confined space rescue training are:

  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • Height Safety Training
  • Provide First Aid Training
  • Vertical Rescue Training

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